Delivering on the Promise of Massive IoT Tracking and Location Services

Many applications in IoT require or may be enhanced with geolocation. As battery-powered IoT devices become smaller and lower-cost, low-power geolocation technologies are a critical opportunity to pursue to address the many situations where traditional GNSS is not suitable.

This webinar addresses the market opportunity for low-power geolocation technologies, diving into how the evolution of IoT has shifted the goalposts for geolocation, what opportunities and tradeoffs exist from the use of low-power geolocation, and the applications where these technologies may be used to best advantage. Responding to these considerations, PHY Wireless highlights their unique approach using device-based LTE/5G positioning.

The discussion will be guided by an ABI Research industry research paper about delivering on the promise of massive IoT tracking and location services.

NEW WHITEPAPER: PHY Wireless Poised to Transform Industries with 5G Massive IoT Location
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