High performance accurate positioning solutions are designed to combine the lowest complexity, cost, data, and power available today. 5G massive IoT location with advanced mobile edge computing for use cases ranging from smart labels to pallets, tags, and tiles.

With advanced mobile edge computing hellaPHY was designed for smart labels, pallets, tags, tiles and so much more. With the lowest complexity, cost, and data usage available today, hellaPHY's unique technology allows a wireless 5G device to detect standard signals from the network and calculate the device location locally on the device, which opens the door to numerous applications that could previously not be addressed. The ability to provide low latency accurate location on device is a game changer in the IoT space.

Precise location allows for better decision making across the entire value chain for a wide range of industries. The potential use cases are endless, from smart labels to pallets, tags and tiles, and so much more.

hellaPHY: Power – Accuracy - Scalability Advantages

For a target battery life of >2 year: hellaPHY can deliver much more location information with 50% smaller battery.

hellaPHY 5G Massive Mobile IoT – in-Factory Simulation

  • Aisle-level accuracy in warehouses with in-factory 5G/LTE private network deployment
  • Seamless data/positioning from inside warehouse to outside macro network
  • A 3GPP carrier technology to disrupt RTLS (real-time location systems) using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Allows the same low power, low cost tracker to locate from an aisle in the warehouse across the globe to a customer


Gas and water metering

Smart grid


Asset tracking

Package delivery

Factories of the Future

Safety monitoring



Smart City

Waste management

Smart lighting

Autonomous vehicles

Agriculture and Environment

Livestock tracking

Monitoring conditions

Alerts for chemical leaks

Consumer and Medical


Assisted living

Patient tracking

Smart Buildings

Smoke detectors

Alarm systems



Location-Based Services (LBS) involves the process of determining where a device is located and reporting that location to an authorized recipient of the data. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based solutions are not always accurate and cannot be used as the sole technology of choice for absolute position accuracy. A device can be in a location where one or all of these signals may not be present, a highly dense urban environment with reduced satellite visibility for example or in a location where there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon. These limitations have opened the door for LTE cellular based alternatives that have been developed within the 3GPP standards. Today, positioning requires a patchwork of networks for a complete positioning solution from GNSS to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, beacons, and cellular (4G/5G). For positioning to be truly scalable, low cost, low power, and support mission critical positioning (E911) these new LTE Location Based Services can offer a solution — provided the accuracy can meet the needs of the underlying application. This is precisely what PHY Wireless technology has achieved.