High performance precise positioning mobile solutions are designed to combine the lowest complexity, cost, and power available today for LTE based applications, from high-end smartphones to loT devices.

PHY Wireless has developed a complete portfolio of truly scalable, low cost, positioning and location intelligence solutions to enable high-accuracy and low-power location services on existing LTE and 5G networks. PHY Wireless’s algorithms bring infrastructure efficiency to carriers by extending spectral efficiency in a world of ever-increasing wireless devices. The company provides both hardware and software versions of its algorithms that can exist within basebands or on application processors.


hellaPHY intelligent solutions support next-level precise positioning experiences, products include:

WHAT IS hellaPHY™?

hellaPHY is a suite of advanced receiver IP cores designed to make wireless better and improve spectral efficiency up to 60%. Targeting LTE, and applicable to any OFDM standard, hellaPHY consistently provides differentiating performance against known solutions. Advanced receiver technologies such as hellaPHY are central to meeting future demands in wireless data access. The technology is embodied as a highly optimized DSP/RTL core that is ready to be dropped into an SDR or ASIC. The IP Core can also be customized to accommodate existing implementations. Along with superior channel estimation hellaPHY also offers additional system critical parameter estimates, including fine timing estimation, Doppler estimation, noise covariance matrix estimation and time of arrival estimation. hellaPHY’s superior time of arrival estimation has demonstrated significant performance advantage over competing solutions for LTE positioning in comparative Reference signal Time Difference (RSTD) 3GPP simulations.


PHY Wireless’ hellaPHY® family of products provide the necessary software with a simple API to deliver comprehensive location and estimation technology that leverages 4G/5G networks to deliver breakthrough low power positioning with high performance location accuracy. The company’s roadmap includes immediate utilization of PHY Wireless’ industry leading algorithms, ability to use separate silicon or fully integrates on chip solutions to address speed to market today as well as roadmaps for carriers, chip manufacturers and OEMs.