Want the best cellular positioning for massive IoT? hellaPHY outperforms all other cellular location technologies across all metrics from cost and accuracy to privacy, scalability, data usage and spectral efficiency. hellaPHY software enables the lowest cost, lowest power, lowest data utilization indoor/outdoor location using cellular networks with near GNSS accuracy.

PHY Wireless has developed an industry leading, truly scalable, low cost, positioning and location intelligence solution to enable high-accuracy and low-power location services on existing LTE and 5G networks. PHY Wireless’s algorithms bring infrastructure efficiency to carriers by extending spectral efficiency in a world of ever-increasing wireless devices. The company provides an efficient software version of its algorithms that can exist within a baseband MCU or on application processors.

The simple API allows for rapid integration into both current and new chipsets and allows for a FOTA update to enable the technology on existing products to bring immediate improvements over current implementations.

Using the sparsest PRS standardized by 3GPP, hellaPHY achieves unparalleled accuracy approaching that of GNSS solutions with the added benefit of working both outdoors as well as indoors.

hellaPHY also provides maximum privacy and security of location data. The position resides on the device with a high level of encryption, and at no time is the device location known to anyone except the device owner. It is not computed on, or stored in any cloud location by any third party.

The advanced edge computing allows operators to maximize the use of their spectrum assets by minimizing the amount of data transferred over the network, and is nearly 300x more network efficient than other cellular location approaches.


hellaPHY intelligent solutions support next-level precise positioning; products include:


hellaPHY offers best in class 5G edge-based cellular positioning for massive IoT that outperforms the other cellular location technologies on all metrics:

  • Cost
  • Accuracy
  • Privacy
  • Scalability
  • Data usage
  • Spectral efficiency
hellaPHY can outperform GNSS in many areas such as indoor and dense urban jungles.

hellaPHY software enables the lowest cost, lowest power, and lowest data utilization for indoor/outdoor locations using the cellular network. The unique algorithms allow a wireless 5G device to detect standard signals from the network and calculate the location locally on the device.


PHY Wireless’s hellaPHY provides the necessary software with a simple API to deliver comprehensive location and estimation technology that leverages 4G/5G networks to deliver breakthrough low power positioning with high performance location accuracy.

The Problem

Location is fragmented, expensive, and power hungry

  • Multiple distinct tracking systems
  • Power & data hungry, expensive etc.
  • Things - IoT designer’s challenge
  • People - E911 & accuracy indoors

The Solution

PHY Wireless hellaPHY: a GNSS-free location system using existing 4G/5G signals

  • First edge computing geolocation technology
  • Leverage Cellular standards and 4G/5G networks, both public and private
  • Near GPS accuracy
  • Deep math-based algorithms - small software footprint
  • Software resides on wireless baseband chips
  • Over-The-Air upgrades for performance gains
  • Backed by nearly 50 patents issued and filed


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